Who we are

Waakta crafts is a company with 16 years of experience in the production of decorative items and office and trunks boxes, boxes of different sizes, stationery, etc ... With modern designs, ethnic and traditional coast, highlands and jungle, etc ... made with fine wood veneers of the Amazon region of Peru, as Sphingo, Walnut, pumaquiro Lizard Pino ficus, etc ...

Each work of art is unique because different parts of armed wood is used as puzzles and develop the technique of marquetry wood by the Peruvian artistic craftsman Jihuallanca Rolando Negron, who plasma practically his paintings in wood material synthesizing the simplest forms and complex sticking in the betas of each timber.

These works are worked by 90% handmade with selected woods and forms primarily for harmonious and pleasant picture or object of decoration and / or collection. This set is always little pieces cut according to the grain of the wood, and bonding is reinforced entirely by hand.

And quality control makes each piece is unique. Why they are consumed by tourists from around the world.

Our Mission

Improving quality and introducing new products and designs for time and right place production capacity required

Our Vision

Position ourselves as a competitive company in the market for exports of quality craftsmanship and exclusive designs according to customer suggestions .